I have worked in ministry full-time for the last ten years. Most of that time has been spent working with Christian parents and young people. The types of movies that some Christian parents will allow their teens and pre-teens to watch never ceases to amaze me.

Guarding Your Child's Heart

I once knew a Christian teen who was extremely involved in the youth group and whose parents were both Christians. Once, while discussing movies, this young lady revealed the title of her favorite film. Doing some youth ministry investigation I discovered that on top of the violence, this movie contained over 200 uses of the F-word alone! That means in a less than 120 minute movie someone was saying the f-word at least every minute! Not to mention all of the other profanity, sexual content, etc.! It baffled me that Christian parents would allow such filth in their home!

The purpose of movies is to touch the heart of the audience. Laughter, tears, anger, and pride all come from the heart. It can be a wonderful experience to watch a movie. When a positive message is powerfully delivered through the vehicle of a motion picture, people are often inspired to do good things.

Sadly, with the movies coming out of Hollywood today, the opposite is more often the case. When a sinful message is delivered, the audience is often influenced to feel differently about sin than God would have them to feel. God would have Christians to hate sin. Yet Hollywood has convinced us to laugh at sin, admire sin, and even support sin financially.

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Keep your heart will all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” Parents, we must realize that Hollywood has an agenda and it involves the hearts of our children! If we care about being the moms and dads that God would have us to be we must vigilantly guard the hearts of our children!

To help us guard the hearts of our children, I highly recommend sites that review the content of movies such as ScreenIt.com or PluggedInOnline.com. But my favorite tool is the ClearPlay DVD player! Hope those resources can help you in this difficult task!

I love you and God loves you! Have a wonderful day!

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