Sunday is “Friends Day” at Baker Heights. The sermon that morning will revolve around the genealogy of Christ (Matthew 1:1-16). Where many people see a long and boring list of names, I see a long list of broken people.

Christ’s ancestors were broken people; broken by sin. But, in spite of the sinful choices they made, God chose them to be the physical family of His only begotten Son. He worked through those sinful and broken people to bring about the greatest good this world has ever seen.

There were adulterers, idolaters, liars, cheats, and murderers in the Savior’s family (and you thought your family was bad). But God’s plans were victorious, in spite of the sins of man. That should tell us that God’s plans will always be victorious!

Furthermore, many of those people, in spite of their brokenness, were put back together by the grace of God. Once they submitted themselves to our God, who heals the broken, they became strong and powerful instruments in the hands of the Almighty; going on to do amazing things!

Christ’s genealogy teaches me that you cannot be too broken for God to use. You cannot be too broken for God to put back together. God has used broken people, just like you and I, to do great things since the beginning of time. So, bring Christ your broken life, submit to His healing hand, and see what great things He can do through you!

Also, if you’re in Abilene on Sunday (November 11, 2012), won’t you join us for Friends Day at Baker Heights church of Christ? Our address is 5382 Texas Ave.

I love you and the God who heals the broken loves you,

Wes McAdams

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