faith is counted as righteousness

What does it mean when the Bible says faith is counted as righteousness? In Romans 4, Paul discusses how Abraham’s “faith was counted to him as righteousness.” Abraham believed “God was able to do what he had promised” and because of that faith, God considered Abraham to righteous. More importantly, Paul goes on to say that our faith is also as righteousness.

Wes and Travis discuss the idea of faith being counted as righteousness. What does this mean and what practical applications does this have for our life? What would it really look like to embrace this truth?

In the second half of our Bible study, Wes and Travis discuss James 2:18-26. James says Abraham was “justified by works” (vs. 21). And James goes on to say, “a person is justified by works and not by faith alone” (vs. 24). How can James say that people are justified by works when Paul emphatically denies that people are justified by works?

The study of justification by faith, or God counting faith as righteousness, is such an important area of study. It has huge implications for our life. We hope you enjoy this Bible study.

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