Gender and the Fall

How does gender relate to creation and the fall? Did sin enter the world through Adam or through Eve? These are some of the questions we are discussing in today’s Bible study, which is the first in a two-part series. In this Bible study, Wes McAdams and Travis Pauley discuss passages from Genesis 1-3, Romans 5, and 1 Timothy 2.

This Bible study is a response to the following question from one of our listeners:

So I am wondering why we see verses such as Romans 5:12-14 which say that sin entered the world through one man even though both Adam and Eve disobeyed God. I’m trying to reconcile this with verses like Genesis 1:26 where the command for dominion throughout the earth was given to both Adam and Eve and also with verses like Genesis 3:16 where God says “your desire will be for your husband yet he will rule over you.” I’m curious about these verses and the implications that it has when it comes to gender/gender roles. It seems like at creation, God started with equality of genders but then some of the verses I listed above seem to speak to differences in responsibilities and expectations expected for both genders. But what messages (possibly subtle) does this reveal about women? 

These are the questions that I’m asking myself that is connected to my question above.

  1. Why does it seem like the burden of the sin was placed on Adam even though both sinned?
  2. Does this send a message that women are more vulnerable to sin or spiritually “weak” and need men to guide them into spiritual maturity?
  3. Is a consequence of the Fall men lording their authority over women? Was not the original plan for both men and women to subdue the earth together, with shared responsibility?
  4. In the marriage relationship, is responsibility not shared? Or do men have a greater responsibility when it comes to being spiritual?

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