Bible Study Podcast: Holy Spirit

Today’s Bible Study revolves around an excellent question that was posted in the Radically Christian Facebook community. The question was, “Does the Holy Spirit speak to believers? I am being told by our brethren that the Holy Spirit was only for the apostles and only until the Word was complete. I am having difficulty understanding this. Please help me as I continue to read the Word and prayerfully seek to understand.”

Does the Holy Spirit speak to people? Is “speaking” the best way to think about the Holy Spirit’s influence in our lives? Listen as Travis and Wes discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers.

If you have a passage or topic you would like us to study, please send Wes an email or call and leave a short message at 707-238-2216. We may play your message on an upcoming episode of the Bible Study Podcast.

Full Transcript

Click here for the full transcript of this episode. Special thanks to Beth Tabor for transcribing the audio for us.

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