On this episode of the Radically Christian Bible Study Podcast, Wes McAdams and today’s guest, Luke Dockery, discuss the issue of fake news. One of our listeners submitted the following question:

How do Christians combat the “fake news” phenomenon? For example, a friend might repost something on social media without checking the validity of the comment/article and it is really a false representation of the truth. Specifically along with this question is: how do Christians who are diligent and responsible when posting combat the non-Christian’s view that Christians are foolish and gullible because they believe in conspiracy theories, etc. This lessens people’s confidence in the truth of Christianity- how can you believe the truth coming from someone who also believes conspiracy theories? And the last piece of this would be, how can Christians educate other Christians without offending them?

Luke Dockery is the Youth in Family Minister for the Cloverdale Church of Christ in Searcy, Arkansas and his blog is LukeDockery.com

Today’s episode is also available in video format on our YouTube channel.

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