How to Give Better Communion Talks

Many congregations preface Communion with short Communion talks. This Communion talk typically consists of a Scripture reading and a few thoughts to help the church prepare emotionally and mentally for sharing the bread and the cup. Today’s Bible study will hopefully be an encouragement to those who lead in this capacity.

Special guests, Caleb Cochran and Steven Cuffle join Wes McAdams to discuss how to give better communion talks. Are there some passages of Scripture that naturally lend themselves to this role? What sorts of emotions should be evoked? Are there certain things we should NOT say? This conversation offers some helpful advice.

First, Wes, Caleb, and Steven discuss things to avoid when giving a Communion talk:

  1. Distracting stories, facts, etc.
  2. Speaking for a long time
  3. False analogies

Finally, on a more positive note, they also discuss things to do when giving a Communion talk:

  1. Talk about Jesus and focus on him
  2. Talk about the supper and focus on it
  3. Talk about the church and the purpose of the supper
  4. Read and discuss applicable passages from the Bible

Communion does not have to feel like a funeral service. There is certainly a time to focus on the cross, but there is also a time to focus on the joy of what Jesus has accomplished through the cross. We hope this Bible study encourages those who lead during Communion, but also every Christian who participates in this ancient feast.

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