Unashamed Christians

How to live as unashamed Christians. In this episode of the Radically Christian Bible Study podcast, Wes McAdams and Travis Pauley respond to an email from a teen listener who wrote, “I was wondering if you could talk about teenagers and being proud of being a Christian. I know a lot of teenagers these days hide the fact that they are Christian or lie and say they aren’t because they fear they’ll lose their friends or be made fun of. I know personally I struggle with this, because from time to time religion comes into the conversation and I know a lot of teenagers and some adults fear they’ll be judged based on their religious beliefs.”

Wes and Travis discuss why some segments of secular culture seem to be hostile toward the Christian faith. In a culture that emphasizes tolerance and diversity, why are Christian beliefs sometimes deemed intolerable? More importantly, how should Christians respond when they feel they are being mistreated or looked down upon for their faith? How can we live as unashamed Christians in today’s world?

As always, the Radically Christian Bible Study Podcast has one goal: “Learn to love like Jesus.” We hope you enjoy this conversation.

Special Note: There was an unfortunate mixup last week with the audio files. The audio for this episode was accidentally linked to last week’s post (Issues We Deal with in the Church Today). We have corrected the problem, but if you are subscribed through a podcast app, like Apple Podcasts, you may have delete last week’s episode and download it again to access the correct audio file.

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