What will happen when Jesus returns? Will the earth, and all material things, cease to exist? That’s what I grew up believing. However, I began to realize the Bible speaks of the meek inheriting the earth (Matthew 5:5) and the saved receiving “new heavens and a new earth” (2 Peter 3:13; Isaiah 66:22; Revelation 21:1). I didn’t know what to do with these passages: will there be a new earth to inherit or no earth to inherit?

As I have studied the Scriptures and found biblical answers to these questions, I have found others who also embrace the biblical teaching that God’s people will inherit the earth, just as Jesus (and the prophets promised). One such brother is my friend, Josh Pappas, who preaches for the LaVergne Church of Christ. I want to invite you to listen to a very in-depth conversation we had about the new heavens and new earth.

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