The biblical-sounding arguments in favor of homosexuality abound. One of those arguments is that in Romans 1:24-27, Paul wasn’t condemning the practice of homosexuality, only the homosexual acts that occurred in idol temples. Therefore, they reason, as long as homosexuality is practiced in the context of a loving and committed relationship, it isn’t sinful.

Idol Temples Homosexuals

Wesley Walker, in a short pamphlet on homosexuality, addresses this argument. Walker writes, “If it is true within this context homosexuality is only sinful when participating in an idolatrous ritual, then it would also be true that the sins listed in verses 28-32 would only be wrong if they are done in worship to an idol.”

The sins to which Walker refers are sins like greed, envy, murder, strife, gossip, and deceit. Obviously, these other sins are always wrong, regardless of the circumstances in which they are committed. Likewise, “The practice of homosexuality, regardless of the context, is wrong,” writes Walker.

Walker not only deals with the arguments surrounding this passage, but many other common arguments as well. I think works like this are necessary because we are seeing more and more pro-homosexual arguments coming from those who claim to be Christians. They are using the Bible to defend this abominable practice. Church members are often confused by these arguments and wonder, “What if the issue isn’t as black and white as I always thought?” The truth is, the issue is black and white; and Walker’s pamphlet will help you to see the issue clearly.

I also appreciate the fact that Walker makes a distinction between practicing homosexuals and those who struggle with same-sex attraction. He says, and I completely agree, “We can do a better job of helping those who struggle with same-sex attraction.”

The gospel that has set us free can set others free as well. Anyone who is willing to die to self and live for Christ, is welcome with open arms! Whenever we tell people that homosexuality is a sin, we ought to feel compelled to tell them of the solution as well!

You can purchase a copy (or multiple copies) of Wesley Walker’s pamphlet, Homosexuality: A Biblical Discussion on Amazon for only $1.25.

I love you and God loves you,

Wes McAdams

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