It seems, in today’s culture, everyone is looking for the easy way, the shortcut. I’m sure thousands of people would pay money for someone to tell them how to read through the entire Bible in only 60 seconds. But guess what…there’s no shortcut through the Word of God.

I once went through the Bible in 90 days, and I know a brother who read through the Bible in three weeks. But, it is not those types of speed-reading Bible sprints that make Christians who they ought to be.

The type of Bible reading which will change your life is:

  • Thorough – Dig deep and really understand what you’re reading.
  • Theological – Focus on what each passage communicates about God.
  • Thoughtful – Reflect on what the passage means and how it could apply to you.

There are no shortcuts to good Bible study. So, let’s all stop looking for ways to make our Bible study easier, and look for ways to make our Bible study better! Remember, it is not about how quickly you go through the Bible, but how thoroughly the Bible goes through you!

I love you and God loves you,

Wes McAdams

P.S. What are some of your tips for good Bible study? Feel free to share in the comments section.

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