Should Christians Use Violence

Should Christians use violence to defend themselves and others? What does the Bible say? What did early Christians think about violence? In today’s Bible study, Wes McAdams visits with Luke Dockery, Brandon Britton, and Steven Cuffle about this highly controversial topic.

In part one of this two-part series, Wes and these three ministers all discuss their perspective on Christians using violence. They first discuss their own personal journey and struggle with this question. Then, they discuss what passages of Scripture have shaped their thinking about violence. Finally, they talk about why Christian thought has shifted on this subject over the last 2,000 years.

In part two, some common objections to the Christian nonviolence position will be raised. Questions like:

  1. The Bible is full of God-ordained wars and godly warriors. Doesn’t that prove it is sometimes necessary to use deadly force?
  2. Jesus told his apostles to buy a sword (Luke 22:36). Why would he do that if it was wrong for them to use deadly force?
  3. God ordains the government to use the sword to punish evildoers (Romans 13). How can it be wrong for us to participate in violence if God has ordained it?

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As always, we hope this Bible study helps us all to love like Jesus.

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