Complementarianism, roles of men and women

What does the Bible say about the roles of men and women? That is the question Wes McAdams was invited to answer on the “Exploring Faith, Pursuing Grace” podcast. Wes McAdams takes a “complementarian” position. The hosts of the show, Lee and Kevin, tend to lean toward the “egalitarian” position.

The complementarian position says men and women have complementary roles in the church and in the home. While the egalitarian position says there should essentially be no distinction in men’s and women’s roles. Over the next two episodes, Wes will make the case that the complementarian position is more consistent with Scripture.

This is about more than simply finding the “rules” about gender roles. It is about following the biblical narrative from beginning to end. From Genesis to Revelation, what does the Bible really say about how men and women function together to bring glory to God?

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