The Treasure Chest of Grace

I am so excited to announce the release of The Treasure Chest of Grace.

This book is all about how and when God saves man by grace. The only quotations in it come straight from the pages of Scripture, so you can be sure that the conclusions reached in this book are biblical!

Why I Wrote the Book:

For too long members of the Lord’s Church have begun conversations about salvation with, “You need to…” Certainly there are things man must do to receive God’s gift of salvation, but I think we need to start the conversation with, “God…” Therefore, this book explains how and why God provides grace and then what man must do to receive it. I wrote this book for two reasons:

1. I want Christians to know that they have not saved themselves! If you are saved, it is by the grace of God in Christ Jesus! When you were baptized into Christ, you did not save yourself–you appealed to God for salvation through Jesus Christ (1 Peter 3:21). I want Christians to know this and be able to explain it simply and clearly to others.

2. I want non-Christians to know exactly what they must do to receive the gift of grace in Christ Jesus. They need to know what grace is, why they need it, and how to get it! They need to know that their denominational preachers, pastors, priests, and popes may not have been telling them the truth about the grace of God. This book will lovingly explain to them the Truth!

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Here’s What the Readers are Saying:

“‎The Treasure Chest Of Grace is absolutely the best book I have read about the grace of God. Wes McAdams wrote in a very simple and concise manner, quoting no other author in his book except God. If you are interested in God’s truth about God’s grace you need to read this book or give it to someone as a gift. Thanks Wes!”

– Shawn

“I’m reading The Treasure Chest of Grace! I’m almost through already! I really love it! I think it will help me explain certain things to my “denominational” friends so much better. Not to mention the impact on myself. I absolutely love it! Thank you for being Radically Christian!”

– Teresa

“I have several books in my possession on grace, I quit reading each of them, it seems that their point is that if they baffle me enough with words I will not notice the simple fact that they don’t have a clue what they are writing about…Brother, you did not disappoint. You wrote well, clear, and understandable…May you find courage and the time to write more.”

– Bill

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Some of the important topics covered

* Why being a “good” person isn’t enough.

* Why faith is more than just believing in God.

* Why God is in charge of who receives grace and how it is received.

* Why some people are lost, who think they are saved.

* Why the “sinner’s prayer” is not a biblical concept of how one receives grace.

* Why hearing, believing, repenting, confessing, and being baptized are important issues when it comes to grace and salvation.

It is my prayer that this book will motivate Christians to walk in grace and encourage lost souls to receive God’s gracious gift of salvation in Christ Jesus!

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Also Available on Kindle for Only $2.99

If you own a Kindle, or you own a mobile phone with the FREE Kindle app, you can download The Treasure Chest of Grace for only $2.99!

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