Wes McAdams, Travis Pauley, and Caleb Kirkwood discuss the idea of “servant leadership” and what Jesus really has to say about being a leader and becoming a leader. How is leadership different for servants of God’s kingdom?

This discussion was prompted by this question from one of our listeners, “One of my concerns has been the move away from the idea of ‘ministry’, or ‘being a servant’ to being a ‘leader’. So far I’m stuck with an impression that Jesus didn’t talk about ‘leadership’, except to state that the ‘first’ (or leader) shall be last. Jesus talked a good deal about ‘serving’ and this seems to be reflected in the New Testament. Modern Church thinking seems to promote the idea of ‘leadership’, emphasizing ‘service’, whereas my reading of the New Testament seems to place the emphasis the other way round, with an emphasis on ‘service’, one aspect of which may be ‘taking the lead’. I’d be interested to know your thoughts.”

Special thanks to Beth Tabor for the transcribing this episode: What Does Jesus Say About Christian Leadership?

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