What does Leviticus 15 mean? Ritually Unclean

What does Leviticus 15 mean? This chapter of Leviticus deals specifically with “bodily discharges.” Why is a bodily discharge unclean and why does it make people and objects ritually unclean? What is uncleanness all about?

In this Bible study, Wes McAdams is joined by Abby Kaplan, author of the book, Misreading Ritual. If the sacrifices and rituals in Leviticus have ever confused or disgusted you, you should consider reading Kaplan’s excellent book. You may come away from studying Leviticus with a whole new perspective on the beauty of ritual and the beauty of God.

This episode of the Bible Study Podcast is part of the, “What Does This Passage Mean?” series. During this series, Wes and various guests will study a different passage of the Bible in context. We will discuss both the meaning and application of some difficult passages of Scripture. If you have a passage you would like for us to discuss, send us a note: RadicallyChristian.com/contact or leave a voicemail at 707-238-2216.

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