What is heaven like?

What is heaven like? That is the question Kenny Embry and Wes McAdams discuss on today’s episode. This episode originally aired on Kenny’s podcast, “Balancing the Christian Life.” He graciously allowed us to republish it for subscribers of the “Radically Christian Bible Study Podcast” to hear as well.

While exploring this topic, Kenny asked Wes questions like these:

  • What is “eschatology”?
  • Why don’t you think we have more of a picture of Heaven other than some very symbolic language in Revelation?
  • What makes heaven good?
  • Can we still get in trouble in heaven?
  • How should we think about eternity?
  • Is heaven a place? a relationship? both?
  • Will we spend eternity singing?
  • Why is thinking about heaven good?

If you enjoy this conversation about heaven, you might also enjoy Wes’ blog series, “What the Bible Says About Heaven.”

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