Gender Issues

What does it mean to be masculine? What does it mean to be feminine? Did God make men and women totally unique? Is gender just a social construct? Discussions about these matters can be filled with anger, fear, division, and frustration, but that doesn’t have to be the case. We can have hope-filled conversations about gender.

About This Series:

There are a lot of things about our current situation that makes people nervous. Especially when we look to the future, we can be very anxious, wondering what the future holds for the church. But there are also plenty of reasons to be hopeful as we look to the future.

About This Episode:

Wes McAdams and Dominic Venuso discuss gender. What does the Bible teach about gender? How should Christians navigate issues related to gender in the home and the church? What can Christians learn from those on the “other side” of gender debates?

About Our Guest:

Dominic Venuso preacher for the Rochelle Church of Christ Rochelle, IL.

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Podcasts: The Roles of Men and Women in the Bible (Part One) and The Roles of Men and Women in the Bible (Part Two)

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