The political divide runs deep in our culture and even in the church. We seem to filter everything through a lens of red or blue, right or left, elephant or donkey, republican or democrat. Bitter, hateful, and even violent rhetoric seems to fill the air we breathe. What are Christians to do in times like these? What hope can we find in the Bible for navigating these politically polarized times?

About This Series: There are a lot of things about our current situation that makes people nervous. Especially when we look to the future, we can be very anxious about wondering what the future holds for the church. But there are also plenty of reasons to be hopeful.

About This Episode: Wes McAdams and Brandon Britton discuss political polarization in the culture and the church. Should Christians be political? How can we, as Christians, engage in politics without losing our identity? How can we love people well when we disagree over political ideas and policies?

About Our Guest: Brandon Britton preaches for the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ in Killen, AL.

Links and Resources:

Video: Watch This Episode on YouTube

Video: Christians and Politics: Living in Community (Interview with Dr. Trey Orndorff)

Podcast: Post-Christian Culture: Hope for the Future of the Church

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