Post-Christian Culture

Is it accurate to think of American culture as “post-Christian” and how can the church thrive in a culture like this? This is part two of our series, “Hope for the Future of the Church.”

About the Series: 

The pandemic, politics, and a rapidly changing culture have left a lot of Christians are feeling uncertain and anxious about the future of the church. This new series will explore the many reasons we have to be hopeful about the future. Make sure to subscribe in order to hear future episodes of this series.

About this Episode: 

Wes McAdams and Ethan Longhenry discuss Christianity and American culture.

  • Is it accurate to call American culture, “post-Christian”?
  • What are some positive and negative aspects of current American culture?
  • Is it possible that Christians become marginalized and even oppressed in the future?
  • If so, how should we handle losing privilege and power?

We hope this Bible study and discussion gives you hope for the future of the church.

About our Guest: 

Ethan is the evangelist at the Venice church of Christ in Los Angeles, CA.

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